Adunni Belt Bag - Pink
Adunni Belt Bag - Pink
Adunni Belt Bag - Pink
Adunni Belt Bag - Pink
Adunni Belt Bag - Pink
Adunni Belt Bag - Pink
Adunni Belt Bag - Pink
Adunni Belt Bag - Pink
Adunni Belt Bag - Pink
Adunni Belt Bag - Pink
Adunni Belt Bag - Pink
Adunni Belt Bag - Pink

Adunni Belt Bag - Pink

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The best thing about our Adunni Belt Bag? It adapts to suit you. Its multi-functional design includes a belt, detachable straps and two removable pouches, so you can stack it up or strip it back, depending on your plans. It’s made by artisans in Nigeria with premium leather and our signature hand-loomed aso-oke, and studded with our gold-toned logo. Style it as a belt, a crossbody bag, or use it as a pouch — the choice is yours.


Handwoven traditional African textile
1 interior pocket
1 cross body strap
1 belt
1 Detachable coin purse

Traditional Nigerian textile known as Aso- Oke
Hardware in gold finish
L 8.25” x H 5” x W 2"
Belt length: 44.5"
Adjustable strap length: 41"

Q: I’m white; can I buy/carry your bags?
A: Absolutely! We designed them with YOU in mind. Our products are an invitation to ALL women to discover and experience the beauty of African cultures through our handbags. We’re so proud that women from everywhere wear them and love them as much as we do.

Q: Are your products ethically made?
A: Yes, they are. We source the fabric used in production of our bags exclusively from women-owned businesses in Nigeria. We ensure that all our raw materials are obtained and assembled responsibly and sustainably.

Q: Is your leather vegan?
A: We currently do not offer vegan leather options

What Makes Olori Bags So Special?


Elevate your wardrobe with superior craftsmanship. Olori handbags are made with premium leather combined with luxurious aso-oke, a traditional African textile handwoven in batches by local African artisans using techniques that have been passed on for generations.  


What better way for you to enjoy the beauty of African fashion in your everyday life? Celebrate and appreciate the rich history and heritage of African culture in every Olori handbag.


Smiling children in doorway - Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Look good, feel good, and do good: with every purchase, you are joining hands with women all over the world to support the economic empowerment of local, women-owned businesses in Africa and the education of girls in under-served African communities. 


"I was inspired to start Olori by the beautiful cultures of my people. Growing up in Nigeria, I was always surrounded by traditional prints and textiles symbolic of deep roots and stories so dear to my people. I have always admired the art and craftsmanship behind them. By incorporating traditional African fabrics into contemporary designs, my mission is to invite people to experience the beauty of African cultures, giving them a place at the world stage and making them accessible to women all over the world."

- Tomide Awe (Founder, Olori)