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Our Story
Olori means Queen.

And it represents what we believe about every woman’s worth. We believe that women are inherently powerful, that every woman wears an invisible crown and is worthy of a full life, free of deprivation and discrimination.

In partnership with women-owned businesses and local artisans in Africa, we make handbags and accessories that are the ultimate symbols of empowerment; every product sold pays tuition for girls in under-served African communities.

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Her Value Is Priceless.
Her Potential Is Limitless.
She Is A Queen.
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It’s hard to imagine that 31 million girls in the world, 17 million of  which are in Africa, do not have access to education due to heart-wrenching conditions  including cost, conflict, child marriage, child labour and lower social status. These barriers prevent girls from receiving a proper education and thus lowers their chances for a better future.

Our Solution

MIllions of girls around the world will never enter a classroom, but educating a girl creates a lasting impact on the world’s economy, demographics, and health. Women with means are the heroes who can collaborate to equip the under-resourced queens of the world.

Every time you buy an Olori product, you are participating in the solution, as every product sold provides tuition for an under-resourced girl.

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Secondary students outside their school in Ghana - Photo credit: CAMFED/Eliza Powell Secondary students outside their school in Ghana - Photo credit: CAMFED/Eliza Powell
Our Giving Partners
Rehema, a CAMFED supported secondary student from rural Tanzania - Photo credit: CAMFED/Eliza Powell

CAMFED is a pan-African movement revolutionizing how girls’ education is delivered. Through a gold-standard system of accountability to the young people and communities they serve, they have created a model that radically improves girls’ prospects of becoming independent, influential women.

Their impact increases exponentially through the Association of young women educated with CAMFED’s support.

Bridge International Academies  partners with governments, communities, teachers and parents to deliver evidence based quality education for primary and pre-primary school children, currently serving more than 100,000 children across Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Liberia and India.

Pupil standing by the chalkboard with a teacher behind - photo by Bridge International Academy
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Real Queens Fix
Each Other’s
Our Founder

Tomide Awe was raised in Nigeria, a country where a girl has a 73% chance of not going to school (UNESCO). She was fortunate to have a family that could afford quality education - a fate unimaginable for 17 million girls in Africa today. This disparity did not escape her, and as a result, her life revolves around finding ways to make sure that every girl gets the same opportunity she had.

After moving to England to study, the seed for Olori was planted when she began to look for ways to share her rich culture with her non-African friends. A few years later, the seed bloomed, and she was inspired to merge her love for fashion and her African heritage with her mission of empowerment. After many months of planning, traveling, and prototyping, Olori was born.