Handwoven in the Motherland in honor of Black History
Hey, It's Maya!

Made entirely of hand-woven aso-oke, the Maya Tote is is perfect for errands and days when you're on the go. It has a spacious compartment and an internal pocket to keep small items separate.

Finished with glossy, gold-toned hardware, you can hold it by the two top handles, or style it crossbody with the detachable strap when you need to go hands-free.


The Maya Tote showcases the rich history and culture of Africa, and is also symbolic of the incredible journey of Black people in the United States. 

During the Black Lives Matter movement in July 2020, we got a lot of requests to design a bag with our handwoven Aso-oke fabrics made by artisans in the motherland but representing the colors of the BLM movement. We created the Maya Tote in honor of Black History Month.

New in the Black History Month collection

Made with gorgeous, hand-woven aso-oke fabric in vibrant colors and bold patterns, The Abike Makeup Pouch (RGB) showcases the rich history and culture of Africa, and is also symbolic of the incredible journey of Black people in the United States.

Our  pouches are elegant and functional, perfect for your everyday needs. The spacious compartment easily holds everyday makeup essentials and much more.

Handwoven in the Motherland

Aso-oke, which means “top cloth” in English, is woven by hand on traditional looms. These textiles are primarily worn for weddings, namings, and other important ceremonies. Aso-oke weaving is a centuries- old craft, passed on for generations among the Yoruba people. It is a testament to the creativity and timeless craftsmanship at the bedrock of our products.
Africa Inspired.

Olori was inspired by the beautiful cultural attires of the Yoruba people in Nigeria.  Aso-oke, the traditional African textile from which our bags are made is steeped in a rich history of celebrations. It is a fabric of great cultural significance, and its influence has spread far beyond the Yoruba tribe. 

By incorporating African fabric into modern design, our mission is to invite people to experience the beauty of African cultures, beginning with aso-oke.  

Everyone Loves Their Olori Bags!

This is one of my favorite bag. It’s well made, the colors are beautiful and it is big enough to hold what I want it to hold. I get lots of looks when I am wearing this piece. It’s a must buy!

Racent C.

I constantly get compliments on it and I love knowing the story behind it, the incredible female founder's story, and the uniqueness of the fabric and style. I cannot say enough good things about Olori as a brand and this purse specifically; it is absolutely worth the price and one I plan to buy in every color!

Gretchen F.