Work from Home Like a Pro

Many of us have been thrown into a remote work arrangement all of a sudden – not everyone has this opportunity, but for those who do, it has been quite an adjustment. How does one stay on top of things, remain productive and handle remote work like a pro?

  1. Early to bed, early to rise: keep your sleep and wake-up schedules. Since you’re not leaving your house, you may be tempted to stay up late and sleep in, but don’t do that. Maintaining your routine prepares your body and mind to handle your workday. It’s also a sure way to maintain normalcy and retain productivity.
  1. Dress the part: or just get out of your PJs. It primes your mind, putting you in the ‘work’ headspace. It’s also useful for when you get that unexpected video call.
  1. Sit at a dedicated work space: Working from your couch or your bed is bad for your posture, and it makes focus difficult. Your house is your place of comfort, so putting yourself in a space that looks and feels like work helps to focus on work. If you have to, start with a makeshift workspace, like your kitchen counter or a corner of your dining area.
  1. Make a schedule/task list and stick with it: People all over the world have testified to the power of lists. Setting out for your tasks for the day gives you clear and measurable goals to work towards. It also helps you measure your progress at the end of your work day.
  1. Include breaks in your schedule: Don’t feel guilty about taking breaks; they’re important and help you be more productive. Taking breaks can also give you a fresh perspective on a problem you’ve hit a wall on.
  1. Keep your phone away, except you need it for work: Don’t get sucked into replying personal messages or surfing through social media. Keep your phone away (and turn off notifications) except you need it for work.
  1. Stay social: chat with your coworkers, but make sure it’s not just about work. Connect with them about other things too; share a book you loved reading, or a podcast you’ve been into lately.
  1. Know when to turn work off: set clear work hours and stick to them. It’s easy to go over your usual time when there’s no commute to consider, but balance is important. Remote work also presents the trap of overworking in the bid to prove that you’re actually working – don’t fall for it.

What are some of your work from home tips?