Why Girls’ Education?

Education is the foundation of turning the world into a better place. It’s through the passing down of knowledge and wisdom that the unique minds of social leaders are harnessed and cultivated.Without the profoundly layered understanding that’s provided by a robust, multi-dimensional education, we can’t take strides to grow into the best versions of ourselves.

Unfortunately, 31 million girls throughout the world don’t have access to any education, with 17 million of them coming from Africa. These girls face harrowing circumstances that stem from lower social status, such as child marriage and labor.When girls living in the face of these dire conditions receive an education, it provides a window into what their life could be. With that hope, they can rise above their overwhelming obstacles and become empowered enough to help others receive the education they need and deserve.

But the underprivileged queens throughout the world need our help; there are too many extenuating factors preventing them from doing this on their own. So, here are a few ways we all can support girls’ education and make a direct impact on the future of all women.  


Donate to Organizations

There are a plethora of organizations centered around the education of girls in impoverished countries. For instance, the Bridge International Academies partners with governments, communities, teachers and parents to deliver evidence based quality education for primary and pre-primary school children, currently serving more than 100,000 children across Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Liberia and India. By providing a life-changing education to children in underserved communities, they help put children, their families, and their countries on a better development path. Bridge offers an array of ways for people to connect and contribute to the cause.  


Purchase From Socially Conscious Brands

Olori works with Bridge International Academies to help provide girls with education in Africa. Through this initiative, a month of learning is made available to an underprivileged child with each bag we sell. Bridge scales four regions and chooses the student based on needs, while we accumulate donations and send money every single quarter. We want to make sure we aren’t just periodically sending money, but that Olori is responsible for a steady stream of income into these programs.
  This cause is at the very essence of Olori’s existence. We firmly believe that all girls – no matter their circumstances – deserve to be treated like queens.

Use Your Voice

In 2019, major brands are more socially conscious than ever. These companies know that consumers expect them to have a conscience and to care about the betterment of society. Coupling that fact with the digital revolution making it easier to reach decision-makers at powerful brands means it’s more probable than ever to make a difference. It’s possible to reach out to the Googles and Nikes of the world. With loud voices, we can ignite them into making an impact on issues such as the education of girls.

It’s okay to demand more from our brands. In fact, 66% of US internet users believe that brands should take a stand on social issues. As such, these companies will feel more inclined to launch initiatives and give something like girls’ education more exposure. 

Conclusion: It Only Takes a Little to Make a Lot of Difference for Girls’ Education

Girls, all over the world deserve the same opportunities as everybody else, but some of them don’t have that benefit, especially those in under-served communities. Fortunately, it only takes simple steps like the ones mentioned above to help ensure more girls than ever receive the education they so desperately need.