5 tips to make last-minute holiday shopping easier

It’s that time of the year again - the season of love, togetherness, family, spirituality, and shopping! There are few things in life as predictable as the arrival of the holiday season, which also includes the yearly ritual of last-minute holiday shopping.

No matter what, it is inevitable. No amount of planning, reminders and past experiences can change this ritual. That being said, there are ways to make last-minute holiday shopping easier. Here are some tips to help navigate the world of last-minute holiday shopping.

  1. Buy Online

The world has gone digital, and rightfully so. Online shopping can remove stress from holiday shopping. With big online retailers offering enviable discounts and fast shipping, some even offering a 2-hour shipping period, online shopping can prove to be a saving grace this holiday season for last-minute holiday shoppers.

  1. Always Check Store Timings

Many people assume that just because it’s late in the night, most stores will be shut. During the holiday season, retailers tend to extend their operational hours. The opposite scenario happens as Christmas comes closer, most stores prefer to stay closed when it comes to the dates close to December 25th.

It helps to check the store timing before going shopping. A helpful rule is to be there during the early hours or during the extended hours to avoid the crowds.

  1. Gift an Experience

While physical gifts are pretty to look at, sometimes they aren’t what people need or expect. Gifting an experience is a great way to channel the holiday spirit, especially for last-minute holiday shoppers. Forget expensive gifts; a nice dinner or tickets to their favorite play can mean much more. Consider going the goofy route and offering coupons that can be cashed in later for any experience of their choice (hours of chores done by you, sexy time, etc.).

  1. Go the DIY Route

Gifts don’t always have to be store-bought. There is a certain feeling of love and effort that shows when presented with a handmade gift. If there’s no time to buy something, or everything seems to be out of stock, consider DIY-ing a present. Handmade presents often have more sentimental value than regular presents and serve as valuable memorabilia for friends and family.

  1. The Magic of Christmas Eve

For the extreme last-minute shoppers, all hope’s not lost. Many might assume that Christmas Eve is not the best time to shop, but there is still hope before the clock strikes twelve. There are many shops and stores that choose to stay open during Christmas Eve, mostly for last-minute shoppers. One just has to put in extra effort in finding such stores. A huge plus point would be that these stores will have no holiday rush and choosing a gift will be easier and quicker.

Regardless of how late or how early one is venturing out to shop for the holiday season, it's vitally important to remember that gifts come from a place of love and have great sentimental value attached to them. There’s always time to find the right gift with the right deal.