Handbag Essentials: 5 Things You Should Always Have in your Bag

The perfect handbag doesn’t just make a woman look stylish and elegant. It also keeps the five essential items comfortably stored away, ready the moment they’re needed. Here are the five things we think you should always have in your handbag:

  1. Portable Cellphone Charger

In 2019, there’s no greater inconvenience than a mobile device that’s run out of batteries. Having a charger in your handbag means you’ll always be available in the case of an emergency.

Beyond that, you want to remain plugged in when you're away from home/work. Whether it’s snapping photos for Instagram during your nature walk or needing your GPS for a long car ride, a functioning mobile device is a necessity in today’s landscape. So, always keep one in your handbag.

  1. Lip Balm

In the colder seasons, primarily, your lips can dry out faster than the Sahara. There’s one way to combat this issue, and it’s by keeping a lip balm in your handbag at all times. If you feel like going a bit higher end with your choice, there are some that are the perfect mix of aesthetics and function. In other words, you’ll keep your lips moist but also achieve a subtle personalized tint.

  1.     Spare Pack of Tissues

Any mother knows how vital a spare pack of tissues can be when, for instance, there’s been a saucy restaurant kerfuffle with her 2-year-old. But you don’t need to be a mother to reap the benefits of permanent tissue access. Look at tissues as an insurance policy for when you spill salsa, for example, on your dress before an important meeting or social gathering. These snafus require immediate action—lest the stain becomes permanent.

  1.     Earphones
Earphones are great for when you need to read or relax with some music on your commute (or even at work). They're also great for blocking out unwanted conversations.


  1. Spare Tampon/Pad

Even when you’re dialed into your cycle, it’s still possible to get absentminded from time to time. In which case, the spare tampons/pads you keep in your purse will pay massive dividends. Also, there’s the added bonus of helping your friends if they happen to be in a period-related predicament.


Do you feel like we’re missing anything? What are your handbag must-haves?