#QueenHack: How to Thrive in Male-Dominated Careers

Women face unique challenges in the work place, and more so in male-dominated fields. If your career path is one that traditionally doesn't include many women, you have probably experienced hardships and criticism while progressing in it. Luckily, women are no quitters; we are strong, worthy, and challenges don't stop us.

Male-dominated fields often require women to go the extra mile; sometimes we may have to work four times as hard as our male colleagues to prove that we deserve a seat at the proverbial table. It gets tough, but it can be done; there are tonnes of Queens going out every day and making it happen without having to sacrifice their drive or voice. No matter your chosen career path, your personality will shine through when you go a step above the rest.

We've put together a quick guide to show you how to more than survive - how to thrive even when it feels like the odds are stacked against you.

Don't Undercut Yourself

Sometimes, men may talk over you in business meetings. You may feel the need to repeat yourself while others tell your own ideas as if they're their own. Even if you're feeling shy, make yourself heard for yourself and the good of the company. It may seem scary at first, but a close friend can back you up if you feel overwhelmed.

Don't make apologies; be assertive. Write your ideas down to show your boss in case someone else takes credit for your work.

Get (More) Educated

If you need to, take some classes online. Online classes are a great way to improve your career options and get new skills without taking time away from your work commitments, and you can learn at your own pace on your own schedule. You can learn different languages, learn how to code, get additional degrees, take certification courses, and learn many of the other skills that you need to thrive in the workplace.

Online classes are also a good place to meet new friends and connect with others with similar interests. You can find really good ones with a simple Google search.

Find Your Space

Not sure your current career path is for you? Find a new one. If you're unsure which way to go, there are many personality and career tests that can help you figure things out and filter options. Look for careers in settings that makes you feel comfortable, but feel free to branch out to ones that are new and exciting to you!
It is important to find a skill that you love and a place that appreciates you.

Remember, queens don't quit in the face of hardship. Even when they don't get a seat at the table, they make their own table, and bring their fellow queens with them. 

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